With endless majestic landscapes for cinematography, Calgary and Southern Alberta is host to a wide variety of film, television and commercials. There is always a demand for new faces and voices. We are looking for Actors with a love and understanding of the art of performance. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an absolute newcomer, we would love to see you.

Not all who submit will be placed in our Principal Division. Please contact us to set up a meeting with a Talent Agent and, together, we can decide the right placement for you.


Have you ever watched your favourite movie and wondered how and where they find all those people for a stadium scene or that guy sitting behind the big star? Have you ever dreamt of being a part of that magic? An Extra or Background Performer is a person in an on-screen production as part of a large group or crowd filling-up your favourite coffee shop, office or movie theatre.

Extras are an integral part of making scenes in movies and television truly believable. Almost anyone can be an extra or background performer.